External tools for the online browser-based sim game Lioden.

Lioden is an online browser based games that allows its players to control a pride of lions.

A major part of the game is the design of each of the lions within a player's pride, there are a number of different bases, base colors, markings, skin colors, eye colors, and even mutations that dictate that final outlook. The game displays this with mutliple images layered on top of one another, this makes it difficult for players to save an image of their lion as it is not possible to right-click and save the image.

Lioden Screenshot

Due to this, the first tool I designed was "LioImage". LioImage reads the HTML of a lion's page, collects the image files and outputs a flattened, easily savable image of the lion.

After this came "LioGene", a tool that allowed players to view potential breeding outcomes between two base colors.

Last, and the least developed tool, is "LioMart". A tool where players could input their lions various genetics and get an approximate price for that lions worth.