July 20th, 2021

The UK is currently experiencing a mini heatwave. And I have learnt over the years that I do not like heat, nor am I the type of person who does well in heat.

Sitting at my laptop with a fan blasting cool air on me is fine, until I have to get up get anything.

And having two pets - Dakota (dog) and Oliver (cat) - who are also struggling is difficult. I keep trying to set up cool spots for them, and Dakota gets to play out in the large paddling pool I got for her, but it's still too hot. Plus having a working-line GSD who is full of energy is not good when she's begging to go out for a walk but I can't take her cause the pavement's burning.

I'm really glad the living room sofa can turn into a bed because sleeping upstairs is out of the question.

I had to get cat proof locks for the windows, so they can be open a certain amount without risking boy getting out. He's an indoor cat, but doesn't really know it. He's too curious for his own good.

Hopefully the weather will level out soon.