Jul 2021: New Website and Monthly Blogging

July 20th, 2021

We are more than half-way through the year, which makes this the perfect time to redo my website! I've been considering changing it up since mid 2020, but couldn't find the inspiration or the motivation to really sit down and get it done. Even now, its not finished. Still, it's a start, and the start of a new project too.

I'd really like to improve my blogging habits and up my social media posts as well, but unfortunately when it comes to anything social (and I mean ANYTHING), I always have a hard time. But I also plan to change my daily habits which will make a difference to the blogging at least.

August Plan

My plan is to build "mailfox". A Laravel package that handles incoming mail from applications like mailgun. By forwarding incoming mail to yourapp.com/mailfox/incoming, mailfox will then store and output them in a readable format.

As I am (long-term) working on a large application that will need this functionality, I thought it would be helpful to outsource it into its own package.

Daily Plan

I don't plan on sticking to the timings of this 100%, but I really want to try and nail down a day-to-day plan. This will most likely change as time goes on and I figure out the schedule better, but overall this shouldn't be too bad. I ultimately want time to take the pets out (at least) twice, to workout for 1 hour, to read for a chunk each day, and to work for ~6 hours. I also need to routinely get 8 hours of sleep.