Aug 2021: Plans Changed

August 24th, 2021

Welp, my plans for August definitely changed.

Initially I had planned to build mailfox, a Laravel package to handle incoming mail. Instead I worked on Haunt then built Snippits and a Livewire component.


After losing track of another code snippet someone had shared, I made the impulsive decision to build something to track small snapshots of code. Thus was born. Right now, registration is closed as there are some changes I'd like to make before allowing anyone else to use it; plus, there's a CodeMirror problem I keep running into where it sometimes doesn't load properly.

The second thing I built is a repeatable Livewire component ( While working on a larger project, I needed to add the ability to add repeatable fields and using Livewire made the most sense. So I built a quick component, then converted it to its own package for later use.

September Plans

Right now, I'm actually having a lot of fun building Haunt. I do still want to build mailfox at some point, but I'd rather not switch gears when things are going well. Other than that, who knows! I didn't plan on building the two things I got done this month, they came as a surprise, so maybe I'll get a repeat.


This month was way more productive than I thought it would be; especially in the second half. Not sure how long I'll be able to keep up with this, but at the moment I'm just gonna keep going and let things fall however they want.